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simon_baylissWelcome to Lumieres, photography by Simon Bayliss 

Since 2002, Simon has specialised in many forms of commercial photography has supplied imagery to the travel & tourism industry, media as well as commercial clients covering product and corporate photography.

With a passion for destination and experience-based photojournalism, Simon specialises in Australian landscape photography with a focus on the experiences of touring; whether by conventional motor vehicle, 4WD, RV, motorbikes, trains, or planes.Having travelled most of Australia, NZ and much of Europe, his passion comes from shared experiences.

There is something truly remarkable about the Australian outback; stories revealed in its ancient landscape telling of ancient rivers and mountains that once dominated the area. Time has eroded the mountains and dried the rivers but their traces are still evident. Visiting places like the 'Jump-ups' in Sturt National Park is a timeless and evocative experience, providing the visitor with a glimpse into the past of this ethereal land.

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The innate desire of those who travel the Outback is to connect with and experience our ancient land. Sturt National Park is one of those Outback destinations and spans the sandy dunes of the Strzelecki Desert across the ancient mesas of the Grey Range and Mt King (The Jump-Ups) and to the Gibber plains, gorges and hills of Mount Wood.

The surveyed north-west corner of NSW, Cameron Corner, the point at which the states of NSW, Queensland and South Australia meet, forms the north-west boundary of Sturt National Park – at at 340,000ha, it is one of NSW's largest National Parks.

Travel Photography Services

Free Camping - Outback NSWOutback TouringWith over 10 years' photographic and media (printed & online) experience, Lumieres is able to provide photographic and copy services covering all travel and destination resources.

Lumieres has extensive travel experience across not only Australia and New Zealand but also Europe with a special focus on France and Scandinavia. Simon understands the power of the image and how best to utilize its message across all forms of media.

With the credo, 'putting you in the picture', Lumieres' approach to travel and touring content covers a three stage consultative process starting with the initial brief. No project, photographic or other, can be successful without a complete understanding of what the client wants. Without it, the end-result can never meet the expectations of the client.

Everything is covered from mood, message, location, target, talent, media usages, etc.

Product Photography Services

Antique Flooring - SydneyLumieres Photography - Portraits - Donna BoydThe essence of any business is the product or service it provides and the main challenge is conveying the passion you have the products and services you offer. While it much easier to convey your pride in your products in person, it is a lot harder to do so in print or online and many business can let themselves down by poor images. All the words in the world cannot change the first impressions of poor product imagery.

With extensive photographic experience in product based photography, Lumieres can help your present your products to their full potential, whether it is an interstate train, interior design products, food and catering, performance, or travel.

Big or small, Lumieres will put you in the picture!

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